Friday, July 21, 2006

Next Week in Beacon


Next week I’ll be taking a break from my own ranting about PD and soft power to showcase the work of several actual experts on these subjects.

I have the great pleasure of presenting their views on two questions: What was the best single episode of public diplomacy ever, and secondly, what has been the most influential element of soft power of all time?

Starting Monday, you’ll see a week’s worth of writing by:

—Former Foreign Service Officer and Public Diplomacy Reviewer John H. Brown

—University of Leicester and USC professor Nicholas Cull

—Former FSO and WhirledView contributor Patricia Kushlis

—Harvard professor and Soft Power author Joseph Nye

—Intel/military maven and ZenPundit founder Mark Safranski

—CSU Fullerton associate professor and USC senior fellow Nancy Snow

I may have a few more surprise posts to put up, and perhaps one for myself—but the focus will be squarely on my guests, who together range over centuries of public diplomacy and thousands of miles of soft power.

See you Monday!

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