Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some Days, Everything's an Insult to Islam


While I normally take MEMRI's posts with a grain of salt, this photo and the accompanying caption speak for themselves.

[Thanks to Metafilter.]


Abdullah El-Turk said...

firstly, where does the word mecca originate from?

after you check that out , please continue reading..

you cant:
1-call a name a building after a holy place to someones faith...
2-have it shaped like the most sacred of buildings to that same faith
3-also have it go against that relegions teachings (by selling alcohol) when its a fuckin computer store.

either a hardcore coincedence or completely intended.
belive what you want but atleast think about it first.

'would you like a shot of whiskey with your new 1 gig of RAM? '

if you apply the three points i made but in the context of any other faith you will get the same result of being insulted by the followers of that faith.

god bless you , have a good day.

Paul D. Kretkowski said...

Once the black scaffolding came down, the new Apple Store didn't look much like the ka'aba at all:

As one wag put it, if Steve Jobs really wanted it to look like the ka'aba, he would have designed the building so that shoppers would have to enter it in a circular manner.

--Paul Kretkowski

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